HOTEL SKIPASS is an exclusive offer by CONITOURS Cuneo, a consortium of tour operators established in 1988, on the initiative of some accommodation facilities members of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Hotelier Association of the Province of Cuneo. With its 80 companies engaged in the hospitality sector (with an accommodation capacity of over 3.500 beds) and in the catering sector, as well as in representing agribusiness (a key sector for promotion and divulgation of tourism in the Granda Province), it plays a technical and logistical role in supporting tourism in the Province of Cuneo.

CONITOURS supports all the operators that organize trips in the Maritime Alps area, by providing an array of services: hotel booking, tour guides, entrances to castles, museums, professional visits or visits to manufacturers of typical products.

In particular, HOTEL SKIPASS was conceived for skiers who are looking for an all-inclusive, high-quality and affordable service. The cooperation between almost all facilities belonging to Limone and Vernante ski resort, provides a wide range of offers, suitable for every budget and demand.

From Limone and Vernante you can access Riserva Bianca, a famous ski resort in the Alps, at an incredible price, so as to make your ski holiday not only unforgettable, but also affordable.

The reservation of the holiday package hotel+ ski pass requires payment on arrival of the full sum due, with the reduction of any deposit already paid to the hotel. The sum cannot be refunded. The price of the package is per person in double room. The residence prices are valid for stays of 2 or more people.

The validity periods are:

From the beginning of the season until December 22nd 2023
From January 7th 2024 to February 9th 2024 
From March 10th 2024 to March 25th 2024 
From April, 1st 2024 to the end of the season 

2 nights (Sunday to Thursday) + 2 days skipass (Monday to Friday)
4 nights + 4 days skipass
6 nights + 6 days skipass

In ALL the weeks indicated for the season 2023-2024 will be in place the promotion of free kids:

Children (born after 01/01/2017) for free
Boys (born after 01/01/2010) 50% discount

Albergo Edelweiss**

Strada Statale 20, Fraz. Panice Sottana, 10 - 12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.928138 | Fax +39.0171.928942        

Meublé La Piazzetta ***

Via Roma, 38 - 12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.926575 | Fax +39.0171.92483  

Relais del Nazionale****

Strada Statale 20, 14 – 12019 Vernante (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.920181 | Fax. +39.0171.920252              

Hotel L’Artisin ***

Via Almellina, 26 - 12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.92380 | +39.328.8844459

Hotel Marguareis ***

Via Genova, 30 (ang. Via S. Secondo, 9/a) - 12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.927567 | Fax +39.0171.1832018    

Albergo Nazionale***

Via Cavour, 60 – 12019 Vernante (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.920181 | Fax. +39.0171.920252               

Fiocco Di Neve Relais & Spa | 5 Star Hot …

Via Roma, 2C – 12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.926352   

Hotel Piccolo Parco ***

Via Nizza, 9 - 12015 Limone Piemonte (CN)
Tel. +39.0171.927874 | Cell. +39.338.7935689  

At Bottero Ski you will get a 30% discount on equipment rental and 10% discount on purchases.

HOTEL SKIPASS owners are granted considerable benefits on equipment rental and ski school subscriptions.
At Bottero Ski you will get a 30% discount on equipment rental and 10% discount on purchases.
Bottero Ski is a store set in the heart of Limone Piemonte and Vernante which boasts a long tradition in selling sportswear for men, women and kids. There you will find the finest sportswear brands, which pursue constant research in the field of quality and innovation.
The main store looks like a typical mountain lodge and has a surface area of 2000 square meters. For further information: 


Bottero Ski Limone Centro Via Genova, 40 Tel. +39 0171-92274
Bottero Ski Limone Quota 1400 Via Panice Soprana, 90 Tel. +39 0171-928227
Bottero Ski Vernante Strada Provinciale 20, 28 Tel. +39 0171-920038



At NICO SPORT you will get a 30% discount on equipment rental and 10% discount on purchases.


Nico Sport - Via San Giovanni, 34 - Limone Piemonte - Tel. +39.0171-926740


As for the Ski Schools, HOTEL SKIPASS owners are offered a 20% discount on the price list and a daily tutoring service. Discover it here!

As for the Ski Schools, HOTEL SKIPASS owners are offered a 20% discount on the price list. The daily tutoring service on the ski slopes is available from 10 A.M to 3 P.M., lunch break included. This service is offered to both groups of adults and of children. 
You can get in touch with the ski schools directly.

Scuola sci Limone - – Tel.+39.0171 92319-

or through the reception of the hotel where you will be staying.